Governance of Municipalities and Regions

The Policy Area

The department is the supreme supervisory authority of municipalities and regions.

In addition, the department is responsible for legislation on local and regional government and boundaries. This includes the Local Government Act, the Regional Government Act, the Binding Local Partnerships Act, the Act on Local Boundaries, and the unwritten rules (principles) on the non-statutory responsibilities of local authorities (the municipal authority rules).

The department also handles general public law issues concerning the Public Administration Act, the Access to Public Administration Files Act, the Act on Processing of Personal Data, public law principles, and general legal questions concerning the interaction between municipalities, regions, and other authorities.

Furthermore, the department is in its capacity of supreme electoral authority responsible for performing tasks in connection with general elections, referenda, elections to local and regional councils as well as elections of Danish members to the European Parliament. The department also manages the political party subsidy scheme of the central government and acts as secretariat to the Election Board and the Eligibility Board.